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Aaron Phillips Millennial Leadership

Meet Aaron

Leadership Coach, Speaker, Consultant

Aaron Phillips is a dynamic and passionate thought leader in the realm of leadership development. With a mission to empower individuals to take their next step in leadership, he is becoming a sought-after speaker, podcast host, and executive coach. Aaron’s work is centered around unlocking the potential within people and organizations, inspiring them to achieve their fullest leadership potential

Lead The Discussion

"Lead the Discussion" with Aaron Phillips is the ultimate podcast for leadership development. Get ready to explore a range of topics that will help you start and facilitate effective discussions, build strong relationships, and become a successful leader.

Whether you're a manager, team leader, or a young professional seeking to make your voice heard, this podcast provides you with the tools and confidence to lead meaningful conversations and drive positive change. Join Aaron as he shares his thoughts on leadership and offers actionable advice and real-life examples of how to become a great leader.

From communication skills to conflict resolution, from building trust to cultivating teamwork, "Lead the Discussion" covers a variety of essential leadership topics. Each episode is packed with practical strategies that you can apply to your everyday situations, ensuring that you grow as a leader and achieve success.

So, tune in to "Lead the Discussion" and be inspired to become the leader you've always wanted to be.


Aaron is an excellent communicator with a wide range of expertise! He is a visionary that inspires people with great ideas and excitement. He greatly assisted our organization with meeting our goals across multiple online platforms and as an in-person speaker for several years. Aaron's valuable leadership, marketing, and training skills can easily be adapted to the needs of any organization he is supporting.

Renee Ford-Romero

Senior Subject Matter Expert, Dawson Government Solutions

  Aaron's communication style and charisma pulled us in, but it was his consistent and infectious leadership skills that kept us on his team for 3 years. We only left the team, because we moved to another city. Aaron just has a way of leading his team with total inclusion. No matter the task…Aaron makes everyone feel like a winner! I’d follow him any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

Carl J. Lynch

Senior Contracts Manager

Jacobs Technology 

What sets Aaron apart is his ability to instantly connect with any room. It doesn’t matter if there’s 4 people or 400. He can meet them where they are, cast a vision they believe in, and show them how they can actually achieve it.

Mark Blair

Head Of Rentention



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